Inn Rooms

The Inn Rooms at the Colonial House are upstairs in the farmhouse section above the guest living room. Two rooms in the original Cape Cod farmhouse, Inn rooms 1 & 2 with two single beds in each, were renovated in 2010 to become one room, Inn 1. Located at the end of the hall in a section that dates back to 1790 - 1810, Inn 1 is a lovely oasis with a wide pine plank floors, a queen bed, rocker and love seat.


The other guest rooms are in a newer section with rooms 3 & 5, each with two singles and rooms 4 & 6, each with a queen bed. All rooms share two baths in the hall with sinks in 3, 4, 5 & 6. Furnishings in each room are neat and homey with a dresser and chair and windows overlooking the Green Mountains and our lovely gardens.


The Colonial House

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