Fall Canning


One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom canning tomatoes in the early Fall.   Mom had boxes and boxes of canning jars that were piled high in the kitchen along with boxes and boxes of tomatoes.  

The pot of water was boiling as she dropped in the big, ripe red tomatoes then removed them to quickly cooled them in another pan of water so the skins could be peeled off easily before coring.  Mom would quarter the tomato while it was still in her hand and then down into a hot jar it would go.  We kids got to pack the tomatoes down into the jars, poke the air bubbles out with a knife before Mom would wipe the rim and put on the lids.   Into the hot water bath went the jars to "cook".  When the timer went off the jars came out and were placed on towels on the table; other towels covered them.  As the jars cooled the lid was drawn down creating a seal and making a "pop".  We used to count how many times we heard that sound.  We were happily eating macaroni and cheese with chunks of hot dogs, sitting on the boxes of jars while waiting for the "pops" to ring out.  The best part was pulling a jar off the shelf in winter and adding it to a meal.  I still love canning tomatoes most of all.  It brings all these wonderful memories to mind.