The Business Case For Solar Power (Featured Article)

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We were recently featured in an article on, about "The Business Case For Solar Power."  The article was written by George Harvey and focuses on the solar industry in Vermont.

There's a snippet of the article below so feel free to check it out!  You can read the entire article @ - or by clicking the Continue Reading button below.
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The Business Case For Super Power

Norwich Solar Technologies, located in White River Junction, Vermont, has worked in the solar industry in Vermont and New Hampshire since 2011. As a company specializing in educational, municipal, and commercial facilities, it has done close analysis of the advantages it can bring its customers. One of the results of this work is a report, “The Top 4 Ways Solar Power Can Strengthen Your Business,” which is available for download at the company website ( Briefly stated, the top four ways are the following:
  • Reduced energy costs with long-term stability.

  • Reduced taxes with generous depreciation schedules (up to 100% bonus depreciation) and tax credits (30% of system cost), with an additional 7.2% tax credit for Vermont businesses.

  • Appreciation of an environmentally-sound effort from customers and community members.

  • Increased property value with potential for new revenue streams.

    Certainly, with climate change on the minds of many people, it is good to have customers, neighbors, and others in the community aware of the work a business is doing to reduce carbon emissions. Solar installations are an excellent way for any organization to say, “We care, and we are doing our part.” And while there are still a few people who object to the appearance of a large solar farm, the number of people who welcome solar systems is increasing as communities get involved and the public awareness of the climate disaster unfolds before us.