Some Coho Inn History

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The image above has some of our earliest brochures from 1970-1984... there's so much history in our nearly 40 years!

Many people have asked how The Colonial House began and how it came into the hands of our family. Here are some of the historical tidbits about our beloved Inn and its Innkeepers.

Since Vermont was established as a State in 1791, only three families have owned the land on which the Inn was built. The original Cape Cod house was built between 1790 and 1810. It was the home of the Richardson's and was a farm that they owned until the middle 1960's.

In 1967, the house and 12 acres of land were purchased by Jean and Chuck Savage. In 1968, they added the Inn rooms and renovated the room that is now the Guest Living Room. Motel rooms 1 through 7, formerly part of the Palmer House in Manchester, VT, were cut into two sections and hauled over the mountains to Weston in 1969. In 1974, the dining room and motel rooms 8 and 9 were added.

Jean and Chuck operated the Colonial House Inn as a Bed & Breakfast until May 1979 when they sold the property to Betty and John Nunnikhoven (Kim Seymour's parents) along with the 5+ acres of land. The other 6+ acres were sold to Jean and Chuck's son and daughter-in-law who built their home on it.

Betty and John transitioned from the real estate and corporate worlds to their new career as Innkeepers in 1979. They were delighted to move to Weston, the town they fell in love with when they first visited Vermont in 1967 with their children, Tony, Kim, and David.

For the next 23 years, Betty and John operated the Colonial House Inn adding their home-style hospitality and ministry. During their tenure, they began operating the inn year-round, added evening meals and expanded the breakfast menu to include many of their family favorites. In 1984 they added the sunroom to the guest living room and, over the years, all of the beautiful flower gardens.

Along the way, all three “children” worked at the Inn. Tony was their chef from1987 to 1990 and then consulted from afar while coaching and skiing. Kim worked at the Inn from 1979 to 1983 (mostly while in college) before moving onto a career in hotel management and franchising. David, a high school student in 1979, learned his baking skills from Betty. He began his bakery, Grandma Miller's Pies, and Pastries, in 1994 using many of the well-loved family recipes.

In December 2002, Betty and John sold the Inn to their daughter and son-in-law, Kim and Jeff Seymour, who continued the family ownership and traditions. While operating as it has for over 30 years, Kim and Jeff continue to offer the warm hospitality, relaxing family atmosphere, delicious meals and comfortable accommodations many have come to love. Whether this is your first or a return visit, we hope you enjoy your stay at the Colonial House Inn. We look forward to serving you during your stay!