New Years Family Update


Kim continues to work as our Town Clerk and Treasurer.  She then comes back to the inn in the afternoons and works as our concierge (or gardener)!  Alexis is now in 8th grade and is taller than Kim – something of a thrill for Alexis – Kim . . . well - not so much!  Alexis is 6 months from being a full-fledge high school student and that is just frying her parent’s brains!  It seems like yesterday she was toddling around and greeting you at the door.  Jeff continues to be our primary innkeeper, cooking breakfast for you all and dinner, too (not to mention answering the phone and doing office work).  He occasionally gets to go out and cut wood (which he actually loves to do) or go for a motorcycle ride (though not as often as he would like) to clear the cobwebs!

Betty and John are still active in Prison Ministry and continue to do well – with age-appropriate aches and pains!  John continues to write books and Betty stays active with some help here at the inn baking, with ministry and her gardens.  John celebrated his 80th birthday this year and Betty will do the same this coming February.  In April, 2018 they will celebrate their 60th anniversary – nearly 40 of those years here in Vermont.  With 3 children, 6 grandchildren, busy careers, successful inn-keeping, an active ministry (to name a few) they are an inspiration and setting an example for us all to follow.

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