Quilting Retreats & Workshops Update

Our Quilters Weekend Retreats continue to be successful with Kim hosting the weekends in April and in November each year.  Quilters come with either a project of their own to work on or something that Kim is teaching.  In November, Kim taught a collage quilt pattern that was a bit artsy and a lot of fun.  This coming May 4th-6th she is hosting a knitting weekend and will invite quilters as well.  

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Vermont Walking Tours

We had a busy Summer and Fall, hosting the inn-to-inn walking tours as one of four inns meeting guests from near (Vermont) or far (Australia).  The intrepid walkers head out each day on a route of 8-10 miles on the back roads of our area.  Dinner is served every night that we have walkers and if you would like to join them for dinner while you are here you are more than welcome to do so.  The walkers bring some fascinating stories from their travels and are fun to host!

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Kim SeymourLocalComment
New Years Family Update

Kim continues to work as our Town Clerk and Treasurer.  She then comes back to the inn in the afternoons and works as our concierge (or gardener)!  Alexis is now in 8th grade and is taller than Kim – something of a thrill for Alexis – Kim . . . well - not so much!  Alexis is 6 months from being a full-fledge high school student and that is just frying her parent’s brains!  It seems like yesterday she was toddling around and greeting you at the door.

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